Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Spotlight on an Abilene Resident: Henry Giles

The following is a brief bio on Henry Giles written by Bill Jeffcoat.  Both the text and photograph are courtesy of the Jeffcoat Photography Studio Museum.

Henry’s father was an early day Abilene business person who made money in the grain business and also was a charter member and organizer of the Citizens Bank, along with the Malott and Johntz families.

Here is Henry all dressed up fit to kill, so to speak. The reason is that he was active in the Masonic Lodge and each worshipful Master had their photo taken to hang in the Hall. He married Bea Young who clerked in the People’s Store, a department store like Cases and Pendergasts, and they had two girls.

Henry was a big hunter and fisherman. The old Giles family home is on West Fourth Street, where Henry’s sister, Ethel, lived until her death.

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