Wednesday, November 7, 2012

"Home Cooking Dickinson County Style" Available December 2nd

The newest edition of the Home Cooking Dickinson County Style cookbook will be available on December 2 in the Heritage Center’s gift shop, but copies can be ordered as well as previous editions of the cookbook.

To order additional copies of this cookbook, the 11th edition (2011-2012) of Home-Cooking—Dickinson County Style “Capturing the Present and Remembering the Past,” contact Dickinson County Historical Society, 412 S. Campbell Abilene, Ks. 67410; Phone: 785-263-2681

Earlier editions of “Home-Cooking—Dickinson County Style” are also still available at the Historical Society and include:
11th edition (2011-2012) featuring recipes from: Angie Wilkins, Sandi Dutt & Abby Markley Dutt, Jeanette Myers, Dee Marshall, Marcus Gann, Solomon Parents as Teachers program w/Carrie Hilbert, Dona Myers, David & Mary Ann Bon, Lorraine Geist, Jane Veal, Kerstin Cole, Rhoda Frasier
10th edition (2010-2011) featuring recipes from: Betty Payne, Marie Balfour, Jim Lillich, Ruth McCurry w/brother Bud, SFC William McGinley, Don & Mary Rickley, Dawn James, James Holland, Linda Cromwell, Mike Jantz, Mealtime w/3 Families (Allen, Tompkins, Robinson), Nicki Danner Anderson
9th edition (2009-2010) featuring recipes from: Betty Holtzen, Meredith Sleichter, Debbie Howie, Shelia Biggs, Twila Jackson, Lorie Rimmel, Jessica Weissenbach, Carolyn Woellhof, Marsha Scales, Sarah Geiger, Cathy Whitehair, Anita Hummel
8th edition (2008-2009) featuring recipes from:  Paula Martin, Clarice Emig, FACS w/ Barb Leckron, Pat Berkley, Marsha Weaver, Noreen Zumbrunn, The Perkins Family, Scott Pretzer, Joann Hettenbach, Katie Wieters, Joanna Berry
7th edition (2007-2008) featuring recipes from:  Joan Taylor, Lease Duckwall, Louise Frey, David McClain, LaVetra Brown, PAT Dine & Learn workshop, Vangie Henry, Nancy Hottman, Peggy McLaughlin, Ila Beemer, Marla Jo Batchelder, Virginia Hoffman
6th edition (2006-2007) featuring recipes from:  Linda Klucas, Dorothy Holmstrom, Jane Medina, Dennis Medina, Margaret Shouse, Joyce Taylor, Ingeborg Teasley, Jim Howie, Faye Jacobson, Carrie Bauer, Joann Holmes, Shirley Kready.
5th edition (2005-2006) featuring recipes from:  Phyllis Peterson, Genny Dawson, Marcia Williamson, Bob Burns, Eileen Garten, O.E.S. + interview w/Margaret Furbeck, Orrene Wetzel, Mary Flora, Elaine Sears, Diane Litke, Barry West, Mary Feller.
4th edition (2004-2005) featuring recipes from:  Mary Jones, Nelda Horan, Gary Cox, Nadine Griffin, Doreen Couture, Mike & Gwyn Johnson, The Anguiano Sisters, Mary Beth Lenhart, Dorothy Veach, Elinor Haas, Richard Danner, Verda Gay.
3rd edition (2003-2004) featuring recipes from:  Paul Schmitt, Audrey Cooley, Jeanne Freeman, Peggy Meuli, Mabel Bailey, Jim Johnson, Sarah Kuntz, Betty Krenger, Helen Hettenbach, Joan Angst, Jean Mohler, Amy Dodson.
2nd edition (2002-2003) featuring recipes from:  Ken Brown, Eddie Morris, Evelyn Gugler, Willard & Mavis Davis, Phyllis Newell, Marge Jacobs, Dee Robinson, Paul Whitehair, Lylas Gugler, Sherry Soelter, Agnes Garten, Erika Place.
1st edition (2001-2002) featuring recipes from:  Bernice Peterson, Alma Lauer, Marge Olson, Stella Diehl, Rethie Foster, Maurine Carl, Helen Pepper, Lucille McCain, Pauline Sims, Aileen Duckwall, Alberta Davis, Dorothy Gay Burton.

All editions of the booklet sell for $4.95 + tax at the Historical Society; mail-order deliveries sell for $8.50. 

Watch for Meta’s monthly food column, Home-Cooking—Dickinson County Style “Capturing the Present and Remembering the Past,” in the Abilene Reflector-Chronicle.  It appears on the last Tuesday of each month.  

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